Thursday, 13 October 2011

Happy Birthday Susannah!

It was Susannah's birthday this week, and she took the opportunity for date night with her husband.  So no sewing, no looking after the kids, no housework... bliss!  Having said that she did sew an amazing pair of baby booties for her friend's new baby this week so it wasn't all play (although she loves sewing so perhaps it was!). So HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUSANNAH!!

Today, I went to the vintage fair at Essex University- such a lot of amazing traders there and it was fantastically laid out- like an Aladdin's cave.. could have bought bags and bags worth of things!  I haven't been to the uni for about 8 years (I used to work in admin there after I left my own university in London- I was obviously trying to drag out the uni atmosphere as long as possible!), and it is scary how different it feels wondering around university with a pushchair in tow thinking about the afternoon trip to the local soft play centre.. instead of tottering around planning what bar to have post-work drinks in!  (By the way throwing oneself around a soft play area with a handful of crazed toddlers whilst wearing a full skirted dress is just plain stupid and I would not recommend it to anyone- I have friction burns on the backs of my legs from going down the wave slide!)

We have a photoshoot at the weekend with loads more stock coming up... here us a taster of what they look like (excuse my useless camera skills- the clothes look tons better than this I promise!)  Absolutely loving the white cocktail dress- it's an original 70's dress from Mr Darren (one of the many London boutiques that popped up at that time)... can totally see this as a New Year dazzler.  and the little brown dress at the front is actually a little girls prairie dress (not an incredibly small adult dress in case you were wondering!!)

Nearly the end of the week now so Happy Friday everyone!

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