Sunday, 30 October 2011


Been a busy week hence the lack of posts!  we have added a couple of new things to the shop so its not been all parties and fun (I wish with 2 small toddler running havoc around the place!).

So we're off to a Halloween party this evening- Jonny is going as a pumpkin (he has no choice it was the only outfit I could find in his size!) and Isobel and going as a Space Princess Pirate.. as you do.  I think Simon and I will be pirates too (any excuse to get my hen night outfit out!!)  I will put up some pictures in the next post!

So the exciting news is that the treasury I created "Woman in Black" is on the front page of Etsy! This is particualrly great as it was the one which included Simon's Gothic Cemetary print.  I know it is quite a big deal to get your treasury on the front page of Etsy but what is the etiquite on this is the question?!  It had never even occured to me until just now when Simon says to me "so who do you ahve to thank then?"... do I need to thank someone?  Who knows!  Also although I created the treasury the items aren't mine so I shouldn't be overly smug about it!!!  Either way- very happy to see it there! 

Have a Happy Halloween- I probably won't post until later in the week when hopefully we have all had some more sleep!!  In the meantime please have a look at the treasury and show your support if you're feeling so inclined!

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