Saturday, 8 October 2011

More wine, more coffee and shopping

So today was a bit of a rubbish start- after devouring all of 3 glasses of wine last night (that's a lot for me now days!), we got to bed about 1 and Jonny woke up loads (teething monster!) then all up early to watch the rugby and England lost to France resulting in a slightly less than happy (okay downright bad tempered!) husband all morning!  It did get better as we headed to town for coffee and a bit of retail therapy!

Love the excuse the shop gives me to constantly scour the thrift/charity shops in town, as well as your occasional house clearance!  Today have managed to find an amazing 80's striped button skirt, a late 70's blouse, a handmade 70's dress and a selection of original vintage cabs for necklaces (from 50's, 60's and 70's- picture below of the dancing couple)  So all in all a productive day out!!

Lesley's Girls are getting together tomorrow  at Susannah's house with husband and kids in tow, I am mostly looking forward to having a proper Sunday lunch without having to cook it!!  Be great to get the cousins all together too (although it may be chaos as they are 3, 2, 1 and 6 months!!); if we get a chance we may have a look at a simply fantastic 60's evening dress we found a while back, unfortunately it was butchered about before we got it (looks like they tried to turn it into a costume of some sort as the ends are all cut into points).  If we can't get it in the shop for another couple of weeks we certainly are aiming to add it to the shop in time for those New Year celebration outfits.  So this is the picture of it now (below), they have done some weird to the neck, the sleeves and the hem (it used to be full length)- basically it was completely ruined! BUT when its done we'll post with a picture of it then and (hopefully) it will look a tons better (I am sure it will as I think Susannah has some kind of bizarre magic powers when it comes to sewing- she did my bridesmaids dresses and they were amazing)

Doing all shop and blogging related activities now as this evening is a laptop free and work free zone- we intend on finishing the wine started last night and hopefully getting a good nights sleep (please please please please sleep Jonny)


  1. great outfit, pinned to my pinterest board :)

  2. Your shopping sounds like a treasure hunt. I pinned your vintage pin and now I am following you.


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