Saturday, 1 October 2011

Shop stocked.... well halfway there!

 Our shop is now stocked... sort of!!!  We have half the stock on this evening- a lot of our sewing and knitting patterns are there already but we have a lot more clothes, shoes and accessories which will be added tomorrow... just need to finalise photos on these items in the morning (courtesy of SJR Photography aka "him indoors")

So coming soon.... a selection of shoes, a 1960's gold evening bag, a 1950's handmade camisole top, an amazing 80's skirt suit, a 1950's day to night Peter Pan collar dress, a 1970's maxi dress and tons more!

It's early days yet and we are looking to expand our selections, as well as find a great location for shots that works all year round.... and preferable a less reluctant model!

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