Monday, 3 October 2011

Period drama chic...

Watching Downton Abbey on ITV last night and I just love the clothes they wear!  If I could find a little gem like any of those dresses I'm not sure I could part with it to sell, but would probably wear it all the time!  Oh well... we do have a fur tippet in stock from the 1940/50's which has a bit of a feel of the era if you like that sort of thing...(although yes I know Downton Abbey is set in World War I, and yes I know that's not the 40/50's before anyone wonders- its just this tippet is a real classic timeless piece).

Downton Abbey is the British drama series which just keeps giving, with the characters developing every episode, the costumes getting more sumptuous by the second.  Who knows how many series this will go on for or what is in store for the Crawley sisters but while it's here and we're enjoying Sunday nights can't get much better.

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