Sunday, 16 October 2011

Photo shoots, colds and more roast dinner!

We managed to finish off the photos today- here are a few sneaky shots for you.  But you can see the full selection at Lesley's Girls shop on Etsy

So all round a fairly productive morning although I now have a cold coming.. probably due to hanging around the garden in 5 degrees with no coat on! 

Apart from the photos we've done the usual weekend pottering about and inevitable coffee in town (it is rather worrying the local coffee shop actually makes our drinks now before we get to the til to order them!) we have also been shopping party paraphernalia for my 30th birthday party next weekend.. I'm ridiculously excited about the party as its 40's themed and I love parties (especially as I don't have to organise it my husband does!).... its hard to believe I'm turning 30 as I am acting like an 8 year old counting down til Christmas! And to top off a lovely day we have in time honoured English Sunday tradition we went for comfort food this evening with a massive roast dinner and all the trimmings- perfect!  All that my day needs now is a glass of wine and then I can watch Downton Abbey.... unfortunately there is no wine so I'll make do with tea instead!  And it's starting now so I'm off!

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  1. hi- Following you from Etsy Vintage Bloggers. Please come by and follow me back.

  2. Already am! (Although you last post says you have a second blog so perhaps I'm following the worng one?!


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