Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Post Birthday Weekend and Preparing for Christmas!

Following an awesome weekend of celebrations with a constant stream of meals out and trips to various places, Lesley's Girls are now focussing on Christmas and Holiday celebrations outfits and accessories.  We are currently putting together a sort of a "lookbook" of party outfits which can be found in our shop, and we'll be putting this on here next week as well as on our Facebook page.  Here are a few of the items we see as party heaven....

"Alluring Grecian Goddess Dress"
"No-Nonsense Glan Dress"

"Bullion Bag"

So Susannah and I (plus kids and our Dad) are off for lunch today- I am really dragging out these birthday celebrations now!  Susannah has a big pile of bits to give back to me ready to go into the shop in the next week or so... as well as a huge pile of baby clothes that have been finished with now (hope I don't get them muddled up otherwise you'll be seeing a not so vintage selection of baby grows  and tights on the shop!)

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