Monday, 10 October 2011

Sunday dinners, buttons & bags!!

We had a lovely Sunday lunch at Susannah's yesterday (she does the best roast chicken and homemade gravy- although I may have annoyed her by picking at the crispy bits off the roast potatoes while she was trying to dish up!!) as usual kids had loads of fun (and lots of mess).. and although no we didn't get the gorgeous 60's evening dress done we did have some other treats sorted out-including an early 70's day brown day dress- simply gorgeous!

Susannah made me (Janine- I'm the blogger out of the 2 of us!) an amazing tote shopping bag to celebrate opening the shop... not something to use all the time but it will be great to take to fairs with me as it will advertise out shop too!

This is a picture of the bag- I knew Susannah was a sewing wizard, and I love the fact she did this!  She has made a range of other tote shopping bags too which she will be selling in her individual shop I Love Bewitched.

(Only concern is I am a bit worried about wandering around with a bag with a picture of myself on it!!  Hopefully it's not too obviously me as it's a back view!)

So next we entered the grotto (aka Susannah's sewing room) to find what delights were there...

So this is what faced us.. but after struggling through the boxes and piles of fabric we found...

And inside it were about 1000+ vintage buttons daring back to early 1900's to the 1970's.  We may be using some of these for our new upcycled range in our second Etsy shop Lesley's Girls Upcycled which is coming soon. 

This post took my twice the time it normally would as once again I am been watching Downton Abbey (recorded from last night as was too tired to stay up until 9pm!!  I'm rocking clearly).  Right my son has just woken up so best do my other work now (ie. Mummy job!!)


  1. Oh my, I love those buttons! I would have a field day with them! :)

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  2. My mum used to have a box of buttons and so did my grandma and I absolutely loved playing with them when I was little- so I felt like a child again looking at these! My sister and I are arranging a "button evening" to look through these ones and I can't wait- oh the glamorous life I lead!

  3. I cant believe you posted a picture of my very messy work area! I am about to embark on more sewing after an intensive 'lose the baby weight' zumba class, I shall be watching a beautiful film called 'Miss Potter'. Keep checking our blog for more goodies to come!


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