Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Christmas at Lesley's Girls Part One- Gift ideas

The fabled Christmas blog post has arrived... part one gift ideas!  Although we feel most of our stock could make a unique and beautiful gift we have complied a collection of our smaller items which would make fabulous stocking fillers, starting with this amazing 60s vintage book.. ..

From top left clockwise: 1980s grey handbag; 1950's cabachon constructed into choker necklace (coming soon); 1960s hostess apron; 1980's Glitzy Tights
From top left clockwise: 1960's cabachon turned into a choker necklace; 1950's tan gloves; 1960s gold bullion evening bag; 1950's fur scarf or tippet
For those crafty lovers out there, you can create a truly personal and unique gift with a vintage spin using some of our original sewing and knitting patterns.

From left to right: 1980's rag doll pattern; 1960s knit cardigan pattern; 1950s boys and girls knitting patterns; and 1950s embroidery pack

Finally, for those who are looking for something particularly quirky or a stocking filler in the truest meaning of the phrase..

Vintage stocking repair kits

And in the next post it's vintage fashion at christmas and for the party season from Lesley's Girls so keep checking back!
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