Thursday, 3 November 2011

Costumes, Art and Free Love Friday...

So despite appearances, I haven't forgotten the party season lookbook from our shop that I promised I have just been otherwise engaged doing... ...well Halloween and crafty kids fun!  These were the kids trick or treating outfits, we couldn't get party pictures from the Sunday unfortunately due to camera (or operator) malfunction (phew no incriminating photos of us as rubbish unscary pirates!)  the party was fab- hilariously the host was dressed as the Grim Reaper- which didn't go down to well with the toddlers, but it was a great effort!!

We have also had a crafty weekend painting with India ink at the new First Site art gallery session for the kids in Colchester (it is AMAZING- no matter what certain local MPs say!!!)  If you're local to Colchester, or planning on coming this way i cannot recommend visiting it enough (sorry- its a personal hobby horse!)

Other news... we have created a new Etsy team for Etsians of Essex and Suffolk for those of you who hail form or are in some way connected to the area please come along and join the team for some mutual Etsy shop loving!

STOP THE PRESS!!  I nearly forgot my exciting plan!  Every Friday starting tomorrow I am planning on doing a Free Love Friday post.  Basically I will be posting about two lovely Etsy shops, if you think I might be interested in posting about your shop next time please comment below with your shop link...

See you tomorrow on Free Love Friday!  (Slightly worried about this title- may sound a bit on the dodgy side!  If you can think of something less kinky sounding please suggest it!!!)

Wow- that was a packed post today... teach me for disappearing for the best part of a week!

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  1. Who wouldn't like some "free love," the blog btw. Found you on the Etsypreneurs team.

  2. I would love to be featured! I can definitely help promote as well via Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest! Here's my shop:


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