Friday, 18 November 2011

Free Love Friday- Week 3

This week's shops are Vintage by the Shore and Dreamwylde Vintage, these two shops have such delightful selections of vintage finds but are incredibly different in what they stock and their approach to it... Lesley's Girls love them both and would highly recommend a good old nose!!!

This is a delightful shop is a mixture of pure vintage prints, digitally enhanced prints and prints of her own collage collections, and the shop is so valuable in celebrating one of the most beautiful parts of the natural world- the ocean.

The owner, Cynthia (CW), says : "I am a self-taught mixed media and digital artist. My art is most influenced by my need for balance, in color as well a composition. Working, and getting my hands dirty in my little studio, or creating in my virtual world gives my life immeasurable meaning and pleasure." and you can certainly feel the pleasure emanating from the pages of her amazing ocean inspired shop.  You think ocean inspired you would immediately assume blue... but the items in her shop are an eclectic mix of colours and forms, all of which lead you thoughts to the sea but none of which are run of the mill.

The first item that drew me was the Vogue altered art print, and yes partially because my own leaning is towards fashion but mainly because the vivid act deco image conjured up imagery of Virginia Woolf's book "To the Lighthouse".  I look at this picture and I just want it in my hallway so I can see it on the way out of the door and back in again!  This print is just one in a range of similar themed posters- from the likes of Vanity Fair, The Sun and Salon, each unique and beautiful.

The antique coral wall decor print is divine and has a truly other wordly feel to it, this is one of a large selection of images in store and each is unique and beautiful.  The kelp and sea coral range are all done in a similar manner with just one colour- how something can be so simple yet so complex and provide such an elegant end product is beyond me... but it is well worth delving deeper into these pictures to see what you can find.

What a name.. it invokes all the interest that the stock promises when you open the shop page.  The owner Marty is a mum of three and yet still manages to find the time to run this successful and divine shop.  I find myself nodding as I read her profile words that she loves the way history can be found in vintage items and how fascinating the past is, so after reading this I was looking forward to seeing more items in her shop... they did not disappoint.

The shop is filled with a variety of genre's of vintage from paper goods to Christmas items to one of the most gorgeous shoes I have ever seen (anyone who knows me will know I have seen a lot of shoes- having a shoe 7ft high shoe cupboard devoted to the things!)  I love the way that although the shop is relatively small in the stock it carries at present, it is still reveals something different every time you look at it- something new to hold your attention.

Obviously the first item I had to share with you is those shoes, these 1950's high heels look amazing- glamorous and elegant... I would snap them up if they weren't too big for me!!  Sexy yet not slutty- they are the perfect shoes... apologies if I sound too gushing, I just want these shoes so much!!!

The second item which simply leapt out at me was the 1960s lantern clock... it is so kitsch it's unreal and I love the fact when I look at it despite the fact it is photographed on a white background I can almost see it in its former home!  A real slice of 1960s history- and best of all it still works!

Loving Free Love Friday??

If you love hearing about two Etsy shops every week please comment, or if you are a shop owner and think we would love you too and want to feature you let us know! 

I have enjoyed this weeks two gorgeous shops, and would highly recommend a visit next time you log on especially with those Christmas gift lists you need to fill....

Coming in the next post part 2 of our Christmas special blog posts.... Christmas fashion at Lesley's Girls.


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