Friday, 25 November 2011

Free Love Friday- Week 4

A bit of a change this week- two fabulous Etsy sellers who specialise in handmade items: This Enchanted Pixie and Garden Blues.  Both shops have a timeless professional appeal.

This Enchanted Pixie

The owner of this store Polly is based in Wrexham, Wales; and she creates one off unique jewellery, clothing and prints, usually using vintage and upcycled materials.  She is a wife, mum and nature lover on top of being a successful Etsy shop owner.... Polly and her shop are enchanted indeed! 

This Enchanted Pixie has bags of character and is a delight to look at- a truly bohemian and eclectic mix of accessories, clothing and art.  The photography in the shop is wistful and has a truly earthy feel rather than going down the traditional Etsian route of stock on a white background she has used natural materials and earthenware as backdrops to create a charming appeal.

One of my favourite items is the You're Late necklace which is such a mix of bohemian, vintage and steampunk I just couldn't resist it! The fact that it is also inspired by her personal love of Alice in Wonderland makes it all the more interesting because you get a sense of the creator and it feels more personal.

The second item I love has to be her folk owl in mixed media, it is so cute!  It is made from upcycled book pages... if it was on my wall though I would probably spend loads of time trying to trace what book it was from!!  Again Polly's personality just oozes from the page with this item- owls being one of her loves!

You will love Polly's little corner of Etsy and the truly unique and individual style she brings to all her work, the two items above are just a sample of some of her amazing pieces.  This UK Etsy seller is well worth a visit when you are next browsing... and this weekend is an ideal time as she has launched her Black Friday Sale with 30% off everything.

Garden Blues

Minnesota based Jocelyn Baker presents  fine art photography in the shop Garden Blues.  With just 23 items to peruse you'd think that it would be a quick flick and then you move on but the pictures stop and hold you, you want to look longer.  The collections include nature, fine art, vintage inspired and travel.  There are also options of customising sizes of prints and also available an art desk calendar... there is something for everyone here.

I love the story of how the shop name came about- "I've spent most of my life living in northern Minnesota. It's beautiful here, but cold! My shop name came about because the winters are long in Minnesota, and every year I get the Garden Blues around January, when I start yearning to be in my garden again!"  Jocelyn loved photography since she was a girl and has taught herself for many years before enrolling at courses at college which taught her more about digital photography.  She loves capturing her view of the world and sharing it, and that sums up art really well- it's seeing he world through someone else's eyes... Joselyn seems to be blessed with a beautiful world as all these images are uplifting and mesmerising.

My absolute favourite picture has to be the White Flower photography, it could be taken anytime over the last 500 years (if camera's existed back then!!!) so untouched my modern life is the image, it is timeless and elegant and conjures up images to me of romantic evening strolls. 

The second image that grabbed me was the piano, it has a fabulous depth of colour and it has an almost ethereal feel to it.  Even in this seemingly simple picture it still somehow manages to convey positivity and optimism in the way she has shot the keyboard on an upward slope (or maybe that's just how I see it!)  Personally I look at this picture and it makes me think of one lively night in London with my friend when she randomly started playing the piano in a packed restaurant... and that again is what art should do, and Jocelyn has achieved, make you think, inspire emotions or memories. 

All in all a fantastic shop and love the instant appeal you get as you open the page... take a look!


To those American readers I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!!!  Lesley's Girls in line with a lot of our Etsy shops have a discount on all stock from now until the end of the day Sunday on quoting the code BLACKFRIDAY11.

Hope you enjoyed this weeks Friday Feature, next week two more Etsy lovelies coming.

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