Friday, 4 November 2011

Free Love Friday- Week One

This is the first of our free Love Friday posts and the two featured shops this week are Retroporium and Joliejye ... two very different shops with fantastic stock and owners who just love what they do.  


This is an amazing shop run by Julie who is based in Paris, she is a truly inspirational seller at only 25 she is a self taught artist who has been creating some amazing pieces for the last ten years.  The handmade creations in her shop are made from vintage and upcycled materials , and she is inspired by vintage and retro lingerie; in her words the "creations are feminine and sweet, with a little bit of provocation" and we couldn't agree more!

Looking round her shop you really get the feel of elegance of days past, but with a modern take.  You could wear alot of these creations together with modern or vintage clothes without them looking out of place.  The shop has elegant and classic photography which draws you in to the story of each piece.

One of my favourite items in her shop has to be long black Swarovski necklace, it truly captures an elegant vintage style... we see it with a glamorous evening dress, but as the picture shows (and Julie comments) it works as well with a tank top.

It's almost too hard to not choose another her gorgeous jewellery or accessories creations (the bridal vintage is too sweet to miss and you should definitely check it out) but as a die hard gingerbread fan (the gingerbread latte's from Starbucks and cafe Nero will be my undoing) I could not let her Gingerbread pass without commenting!  I have not personally tasted it but wow does it look good in the photos!!!
Take a look at this elegant Parisan shop at your earliest opportunity!


Run by Louise, this amazing shop is an ecclectic mix of vintage clothes, homewares, toys and books.  The shop opened in May last year but as Lousie has a full time job and at the moment her shop takes up her weekends so she says it is not looking how she wants it to yet... if that's the case we have delights in store from her shop when it is how she want it!  Drifting through the pages of her shop with the mixture of truly retro goodies is like walking through an Aladdins cave or into a scret grotto. 

One of my personal favourites has to be the Smarties teacup which just must have come from an 1980's easter egg!  The other would be classic 70's half moon apron.  I'm in love with the way these items feel so different now, when at the time they felt so commonplace.

It's like going back to being a child again poking around her retro shop.. and what could be better than reliving those beautiful early memories with something you can actually touch rather than a memory that slips away before you can really realise what it is!

I would highly recommend a visit for those who want a trip down memory lane!


Please visit these shops and have a good old nose around!  If you want to feature in the next Free Love Friday please comment below.  Handmade, vintage, new seller, established seller... send me a link for your shop and I'll have a look!

Thanks for looking at these fabulous shops.... I'm off for some Friday evening fun now including stocking my own shop!!  Happy weekend everyone!

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  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to mention my shop in your first Free Love Friday blog. I feel truly honoured. You have given me inspiration to add more items (I have a few bits lurking around it's just finding the time to put them on). I find that life gets in the way! Louise (Retroporium) x

  2. I'm now a follower of your blog, which I luv!
    I'll share it on twitter! :O)


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