Wednesday, 9 November 2011

I'm back! SEO and stock... as well as my day job

So this week I vanished a bit under the radar, but I am back after a few days hecticness!  First of all I am pleased that the featured shops on Friday liked their posts and we are coming soon with two more fabulous shops on Friday Dorothy Days and BlackRain4, two very different but fabulous shops with exceptionally hard working owners.  So keep your eyes peeled on Friday for this and don't forget to comment if you are a shop owner and think I would like to feature your shop next!

Aside from that I have been working on the shop's SEO (search engine optimisation for those non-techies out there- which unfortunately includes me!!), it has been something of a revelation how complex it can be when you think you've got it you realise you miss another vital part!!  I would highly recommend a trip to the SEO team on Etsy if you are interested in help on this as they have been exceptionally good at helping, I got some great advice from Claire at Cards and Crafts.  So... the shop is slowly getting to look like what we want.. we are also due another photo shoot this weekend (not that my husband knows we need to do this yet!!) so expect some more stock next week.  A pair of 1960's brown gloves, and three handbags are coming this week in the vintage accessories section.. and some AMAZING 40's/50's/60's skirt patterns and a ball dress pattern going into the knit/sew pattern section this week)... as well as the long promised party lookbook onto the blog next week (fingers crossed anyway!!!) 

This pair of rainbow 60's shoes have proved to be exceptionally popular, and featured in more than one treasury recently, so if you're interested snap them up before they go!  I am offering a 15% discount to all my blog followers if you quote the code LGFAV11 at checkout.

So the reason I have been so busy is the mummy day job getting a bit crazy at the moment... school admissions process for my eldest who starts next year, both not sleeping, tantrums galore... oh the joys of parenthood!   But more fun distraction was our wedding anniversary on Monday.  We celebrated at the weekend going out for a "few" drinks on Saturday night, followed by a fabulous autumnal Sunday walk around a local park (after living in Colchester all my life, I have only just discovered it's existence!) and then on Monday afternoon Simon took the afternoon off and we had lunch out before fireworks with the kids in the evening.

Next post is Free Love Friday week 2... please pop back to see some of the fabulous things they do!
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  1. Thank you for mentioning my BlackRain4's etsy shop!

  2. I absolutely love your blog, Dolls! The fashion is right up the Vintage Alley and makes wish I was born in a different era! Love, Love, Love your ideas :)

  3. Any time Diane!

    Thanks Danielle- much appreciated!

  4. where is this secret park you speak of?

  5. Hillyfields behind Lexden Road... not so secret!


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