Friday, 9 December 2011

Free Love Friday- Week 5

We're back with Free Love Friday!  This week's featured shops are Lather and Lotions and Yesterdays Silhouette.  The first stocks soap making supplies and the latter a vintage lair!  Both are beautiful examples of the wide range of items that can be found on Etsy.

Lather and Lotions

This is a fabulous shop selling supplies and kits to make your own beautiful bath and body products.  It is a divine little shop which when you open the page makes you want to go and have a bath, but you imagine it will be so luxurious with these treats! 

Christine the owner has been making her own bath and body products for some time, however what she enjoys more is passing this passion on to others.  She says “I spend lots of time answering emails about how to make soaps, bath bombs, salt and other bath products. This is my favourite part of having my Etsy shop. I just really love to teach others. I have a blog which is a fun teaching site and teaches the basics of soap making in a fun way.”  This is a truly altruistic approach form an Etsy seller, and Christine loves hearing from customers about how much they love making soaps and how it's so much easier than they thought.  

As usual I have picked two item which jumped out at me when I visited her shop.  The first are the spaceship molds, which I love because I can see how much fun this could be to create!  I can really see my kids loving these too!  The molds are simple melt and pour creations, which the child in me wants to try!

The second item is a very festive themed one.. the Eggnog fragrance oil, a traditional Christmas related item which invokes the feel of the season.  Although I cannot personally vouch for this products fragrance I have not found eggnog soaps in the shops so this is a unique product and I can imagine the smell would be perfect with vanilla, nutmeg and cinnamon- Christmas in a bottle!!!

With its beautiful imagery, excellent customer service and the clear love of what she does, I would certainly recommend Lather and Lotions for a visit.

Yesterdays Silhouette

An absolutely delightful shop run by a girl after my own heart.  Selling an eclectic mix of vintage clothes, household items, jewellery and ephemera; it an absolute delight to browse... you can see how much she has enjoyed choosing and researching each item.  Laura (the owner) says "I felt all the adventures that an item had experienced now continued in my hands, thus entwining my life with those before me" what a enchanting way of describing the feeling... and so accurate!  Half the appeal of vintage isn't the items beauty (although the helps) but the sense of history that comes with it.

Laura is a stay at home mum of her 20 month old daughter and her shop allows her to be a mum and a business woman (while indulging her love of vintage and antiques which has followed her through her life).  Laura is born and raised in New York suburbs "in all of the beauty that is the historically rich Hudson Valley Region of NY State" this has given her some amazing (and very lucky!) opportunities to find some real gems!

How could I not comment on one of the most bizarre (and cool!) items in her shop- a genuine medieval flail weapon!  This antique item is dated as anytime between 1300 and 1750, but she believes it to be Scottish in origin form around 1350- one wonders how it ended up at a New Hampshire estate sale- but what luck it did that she can brings to us such a rare piece of history!

One of the most exquisite antique bowler hats is featured in the accessories section of the shop, dating back to the 1920's in the original box it is simply amazing!  What a find and beautifully presented, conjuring up the smart set of the early twentieth century- what self respecting gentleman wouldn't want to be part of this!?

I would definitely recommend a visit to this bewitching corner of Etsy, the photography draws you in and the clear love of her work confirms her integrity as a vintage seller.  Take a peek!


Don't forget we celebrate two marvellous Etsy shops every Friday so check back soon! 

This week we'll be adding more stock ourselves to the shop and we are awaiting delivery of our first sizable lot of dresses... and if you hadn't guessed already I'm excited!

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