Friday, 30 December 2011

Seasons Greetings and Happy New Year

I won't apologise as I was having much too much fun over the festive season to worry about work or the blog, but regular blogging activity will recommence from now!  However, there is one apology for those of you who love Free Love Friday we have made the decision to put this on the back burner for a while because we have a lot of work in the coming weeks to get ready for the launch of Lesley's Girls Upcycled, although I may feel inspired to do the odd feature so if you can recommend any worthy Etsy shops please do!

Susannah's sewing machine is on fire (not literally I assure you) with creations coming from old vintage clothes and fabrics which require some of her creative magic sprinkled on them.  From upcycled dresses and evening tops, to cushions and bunting. 

Whilst I have been experimenting with creating vinyl record bowls (for those die hard vinyl fans I promise I have only used scratched and unplayable records to create these!)  I tested these out as gifts filled with fudge over the Christmas season, they went down well except the New Kids on the Block bowl which I have been advised should have gone no further than my rubbish bin (if you were a teenage girl in the 1980s though you may disagree)  Also coming are the upcycled cabochon necklaces and chokers featured in our Christmas stocking fillers post last month.

Etsy Meet Up in Ipswich

I was thrilled to hear that Amity, one of the UK Etsy admin's, was arranging a meet-up in Ipswich for Etsy Home for Christmas; so on the Wednesday before Christmas I headed down to K Bar in Ipswich bearing gifts of chocolate fudge, Amity brought along some Etsy samples and freebies- including this amazing gift wrap, and these tote bags.  It was great to meet the girls from LauraPotterCermaics, Lucie0Ellen, JesseRobin, HouseofIsmay and GillFrancis.

Next Year

Apart from our new upcycled arm of Lesley's Girls coming soon, we shall also be bringing you lots of new stock- not just clothing and accessories but more lifestyle items too.  Next year is the year of weddings.... some of our friends and family are getting married soon and we have decided to put some focus into beautiful vintage items appropriate for the bride, bridesmaids, possible gifts and all important hen night fun! So these are some of our New Year plans, or resolutions for the shop so what are your resolutions??

So HAPPY NEW YEAR, enjoy your celebrations tomorrow night and I shall be back next year after our New Year roulette night and the annual Trivial Pursuit championship at our Aunt and Uncle's house!

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  1. I can't wait to see your new creations! Have a very Happy New Year!


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