Monday, 16 January 2012

And here is that fabric...

As mentioned in the previous post I found these two bolts of fabric for the shop.  Both are 1970s, both with the tags on from when they were originally purchased.  The question is what should we do with them?  We have a list of upcycling ideas as long as our arm but we are interested to hear what you think.... 

Comments and ideas please...

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  1. Keep some of each bolt for projects & sell the rest! Best of both worlds then!

  2. Fiber content? Weight? I think i'd use them in small doses, as trim or accents, but that's probably mainly a personal taste thing - '70s fabrics often aren't my favorites.

  3. These are fab! I myself have some handmade gifts/decor in my shop and I try to use mostly vintage fabrics in my I am always hunting for vintage fabrics. Sometimes I come across large quantities like you did and since there is no way I could ever use all of it, I keep a few yards for sewing and sell the rest in my fabric shop. It is working out pretty well! I can keep some to sew with and sell some, so I can buy more!! I have a bit of an addiction to buying vintage fabrics!

  4. My guess, gorgeous polyester geometrics, especially the brick red and it wears like iron!
    It might be nice to use as accents because believe me, I wore whole dresses of this stuff and it does not breathe.


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