Monday, 30 January 2012

Dory the Diva

So today was a a great opportunity to get some photos of our larger stock items I cannot model myself on Dory the Diva- our new model (while the kids either at pre-school or blissfully sleeping!)  She is a in fact a wire frame mannequin but as temperamental as a cliché of a model and I had struggled her into to no less than five dresses before giving up.... having looked at the photos just one came out okay.  This is why Simon does all our photos- I am no photographer!

But we did manage to get the 1960s European gold cocktail dress in the shop, and here it is.  

I long for the day we have a clean white room and can afford to pay somebody to model the clothes for us,.. on the plus side we got a new wardrobe today to store Lesley's Girls stock so more room for new things.

Susannah and I also hit the zoo with the kids on Friday and briefly discussed Lesley's Girls Upcycled (amongst other things!!!!) and we are aiming for launching our upcycled stock range mid-late February (dates to be confirmed).  This is one of the necklaces we have created (you have probably spotted it in previous posts but they are now complete and ready to go!)  We also have some hair accessories upcycled from vintage buttons (some as early as the turn of the 20th century... so all exciting to come.

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