Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year from us

Lesley's Girls had home based celebrations to bring in the New Year.  Susannah had a quiet family night in (much needed as her daughter is just 9 months old and any excuse for a relaxing night is a good one!), while Simon and I had some friends over to "Casino Rudkins" for a roulette night after dinner.  Having consumed too much wine than can be good for us, and dabbled with a Black Velvet cocktail (never make this it was hideous!) we fought it out for such delights as the 1000 piece puzzle (which may or may not be complete), the New Kids on the Block vinyl record bowl, the spa set and the much coveted Amaretto ice bucket.  We have won back the vinyl bowl which I donated as a prize so look forward (?) to seeing that in Lesley's Girls Upcycled soon!!  It was a fantastic evening and spent with brilliant people, the curse of rubbish new year's eve has been broken at last!  The only down side was I tore the lace on my favourite 1950's black lace dress (you can sort of see the dress in the picture), its fixable but lesson learnt- don't do a smug triumphant dance in a tight fitting lace dress when you win the spa kit.

So Happy New Year to all our customers, readers and fans- past, present and future.  It may be a new year but it'll be a vintage one!

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