Monday, 9 January 2012

New in....

Our photographer (my husband!) did another photo shoot this weekend of all our new stock which is gradually being added this week to the shop.  Here are some sneaky peeks at what is in now or coming soon! 

The photo shoot was a success except for the fact it was FREEZING cold (managed to convince Simon that tea was a good prop as opposed to the wine glass we usually use and this time it was a real drink in there so at least my hands were warm); and I couldn't fit into some of the clothes so now have to persuade someone to model them for me or find a dress form that it will fit.

Following the photo shoot we had a yummy roast dinner round Susannah's house to celebrate our Dad's birthday.  Between keeping an eye on children, chatting and cooking dinner we managed to grab 5 minutes to take a look at the shop.  I have requisitioned some of the vintage buttons from the infamous button box for a project for Lesley's Girls Upcycled.  Susannah has completed the rescuing a 1960s evening dress into a glamorous party top and this will be one of our first items into Upcycled; even if I say so myself she has worked wonders turning this into a beautiful creation... her next project is a 1950s Carnegie of London pale blue dress which needs some love to make it wearable again- can't wait to see what she achieves with this one. 

Another post with more later in the week!

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