Saturday, 21 January 2012

This week we were hoping to bring you a collection of evening dresses... unfortunately they haven't turned up yet!!!  So annoying as I was extra excited about these ones!  And we are working on getting our study room a bit more of a working area for Lesley's Girls (as well as a room we can actually use as oppose to a dumping ground!).  My husband is ever so proud of the fact we can now see the floor... and our new Turkish rug I previously mentioned is looking amazing in there now.

Thanks for all the suggestions on here, Facebook and e-mails on what to do with the 1970s fabric.  We have decided to sell it as it is, so anyone interested let us know... it'll be hitting the shop soon.

And in other important news, the infamous Ellie the pink Elephant which accompanies my daughter everywhere has gone through major re-constructive surgery and lives to be dragged under the pushchair wheels another day

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