Friday, 13 January 2012

What a week!

So we have finally done it- the shop is stocked at over 100 items.. stop by and check some of the amazing new dresses, separates and homewares we have added this week. 

With ongoing work on Lesley's Girls Upcycled, we have a selection of vinyl bowls (don't worry die-hard vinyl fans these have all been made form scratched and playable records) and also this glorious 1930s clover print fabric which we have some upcycled wedding vintage creations up our sleeve for!

It was also the week of random finds- on Monday I found three vintage hats in excellent condition (one had the original packaging amazingly), followed by a 1940s Smiths Enfield clock (I'm keeping this one though!) and to top it a gorgeous Turkish rug (8ft long) for about £7... this one again is all mine, as if I could part with something so pretty and a bargain to boot!  And today I found two enormous bolts of 1970s fabric (vivid blue metallic lurex and muted earth colour lurex- sounds hideous but believe me they are... the only word is sumptuous!), they have never been used or cut into, and the original price tags are present.  The question is to sell or to create??  I am sure Susannah has a million ideas what to do with them but we have a lot of fabric and items to upcycle lined up.  I'll get some pictures loaded up of the fabric and then perhaps you tell us what you would like to see done with them.

A great week for the vintage lover, although if you are a thrifter by nature one tip I would give is if you find a large item (such as an 8ft rug) do not attempt to carry it home whilst pushing a pushchair and helping your 3 year old on a scooter unless you want your shoulder to be crippled for the best part of a week!

And this afternoon's activity... the Nissan Micra of 30 years vintage that has been sat down our drive for the last 2 years untouched (except as a pseudo shed) has been sold, so cue frantic cleaning activity and wondering where all the old cot parts and garden tools will go now- we shall no doubt have to buy an actual shed.

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