Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Memories in Spring

On Sunday we spent the day at a house which holds a lot of memories for us all.  Walking through rooms I could smell turkey dinners and Christmas trees, hear a generous voice asking what drinks he could get everyone and laughing children skidding down the parquet hall floor, in the garden I could see a smiling couple playing tennis  in the late summer evening and an elegant woman gardening with a wooden basket by her knees filling up before she heads to the kitchen to make everyone cups of tea.  

The furniture may have gone and some of those voices are no longer here for us to hear but the memories will always remain.  I know things and places aren't  replacements for people and feelings but they always invoke memories, and that is the reason I wanted to post this.  It is, I feel, for this reason I studied history at university and now love selling vintage- every item has a story to tell, every place invokes a feeling and an atmosphere.  History and the past are important and make us who we are, and looking back is important because it helps us to look forward to how good life could be.

Anyway, I suspect being stuck in the house for the best part of a week with two children suffering chicken pox has made me a bit introspective so the next post will be full of new stock preview pictures (with any luck the weather will hold for photos) and hopefully I will have managed to list the most recent stock in the shop rather than procrastinating by watching trash TV, reading old books or drinking more coffee than is good for anyone!

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  1. beautiful...i could hear those voices through your post...


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