Thursday, 22 March 2012

Treasury-Tastic Week!

This week I have been stuck in the house with 2 small children with chicken pox- not fun!  New listings have been put to the wayside for a few days as when I get a spare minute from the kids all I want to do is relax!  However, I promise those sneak peek pictures from the weekend will be hitting the shop soon!

Despite our lack of activity this has been a "treasury-tastic" 7 days, with our items featuring in no less than 18 treasuries!  Thanks mainly to our pink 1960s dress gloves, these have featured in 12 of these 18 treasuries.  

I can't possible post about every treasury but have picked two of my favourites that were put together today.

This one including our pink gloves by Cristy from Clcort

And this one by Teri from Nana Just Banana's featuring our little girl's brown vintage dress.

Thanks again to all!

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  1. Oh how Wonderful I so Love but treasury listed! I fell in love with this little girls purse just like mommy may have... Thank you so much for letting my show off your shop!

    Nana Just Banana's

  2. Those beautiful gloves deserve all the treasuries they are in!


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