Sunday, 20 May 2012

All my "Little Bit Likes" rolled in to one

I habitually wear dresses and heels- a bit of vintage, a bit of repro vintage, a bit of rockabilly, a lot of Laura Lee's and a bit of random steam punk thrown in for good measure... a lot of the time its whatever I can find on the wardrobe floor without child snot or biscuit crumbs on it!  My hair is a either straight down or up in a one sided victory roll with hairpins (not authentic victory rolls at all but I never claim to be an authentic vintage dresser I just wear what I like and enjoy, and in the case of my hair what controls the frizz and tangles on bad hair days!), so I recently asked my friend Becky at BixxBoxx to make me a hair clip fascinator to incorporate all my little bit likes in one place - namely on my head!!

This was a custom order, and she did it beautifully!  It's a sugar skull hair clip with a bird cage veil and I love it, all I need to do is keep it away from the kids....  Her shop is in the process of restocking so see her Facebook page for her full selection of work she has done.

Excitingly it matches my new red circle skirt perfectly... think I'll wear it to Mr B the Gentlemen Rhymer at the Arts centre in 2 weeks.

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  1. Funny and original,I like it! ;)

    1. Thanks Lola, Becky did a fab job on it. The children were the cause of one hat malfunction this year already (veil ripped off a 60s halo hat and then halo was attempted to be rammed down over my 18 mth old son's ears with marginal success)so its not beyond the bounds of possibility they would wreck this too. Need to find suitable storage I think!

  2. I love it! Sugar skulls are so cool

    1. I am slightly assessed with them since I discovered Laura Lees (Scottish fashion deisgner) clothes years ago.


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