Sunday, 6 May 2012

Birthday in the Barn

I have done absolutely no work this weekend, but have simply enjoyed celebrating Mel's birthday... a meal at Dedham Hall, drinks at the barn, a dip in the hot tub, steaming in the sauna and a barbecue in the rain.  The perfect weekend, with great company.  Happy Birthday to one of the most fabulous people I know and my closest friend!

I have developed a slight addiction to making bunting now- I always start off thinking I'm only going to make a couple of meters and end up doing about 8 meters which you struggle to find space to hang up round a restaurant table.  Mel said she liked gold and cream so that's what she got- all 15 meters of it.

But it's back to the grindstone this week after such a lovely interlude, especially now the camera lead has been replaced and we can get the 1970s electric blue jumpsuit listed in the shop.... well once I have caught up on some sleep!

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