Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Sweet Freedom!

After a spurt of activity on the blog, I have been fairly quiet since the weekend- so in case anyone is wondering about where we've been, or how that cocktail recipe went here you have it...  

This weekend consisted of firstly a 30th birthday party for Chantal (and her husband Adam's ** birthday) with the home-made theme, which I loved: home-made present (green button bobby pin and handmade box- we'll be selling these in upcycled soon)- check.  Home-made chocolate fudge: check. Home-made cocktail for cool 1940s cocktail book: check  Never mind- I think some practice is called for (and shopping for all the necessary components is always a good starting point), at least I didn't poison everyone again with the now famous notorious Black Velvet cocktail.  Followed by a first birthday party for the youngest Lesley's Girls offspring- Emma.  Lots of fun, but lots of noise!

Today I had a rare moment with no children (they both went over the road to play) so I had it all planned out: shoot the 1970s jumpsuit (I simply can't find a small enough model for it so it is a be a bit different shoot), list a few items; write a blog post about a delicious 1940s dressmaking book I found in my pile of resources and then collect the kids.  

The reality was somewhat different.

Struggled with a tripod for fifteen minutes before realising I was turning the wrong dial, got the photos but then the camera lead broke so couldn't download them.  After that I scrapped all previous plans and gave it up as a bad idea for an afternoon of freedom and indulged in- you've guessed it yet another cup of tea, followed by a chat on skype with family.  Not so productive an afternoon as originally planned but certainly a more healthy way to enjoy my little break!

Once I fix the camera problem I'll be back with the original blog plan and also some new listings for Lesley's Girls.

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