Monday, 18 June 2012

A Trifling Affair

We enjoyed classic kid's party fun at Susannah's house on Saturday to celebrate her son's thrid birthday, including a lovely family barbecue courtesy of her husband- Andrew.

Susannah wanted to share her trifle she made for the party, so we took a few shots of it and I (sort of) got the recipe down too.  We thought it sort of went with the theme of our blog because this traditional British pudding has been served up since the 1700s- although this form of trifle would have been more recognisable in the 1950s.  We decided against including alcohol, partially because Susannah is 6 months pregnant, but mainly because the introduction of alcohol to a party of already super-excited children would have been madness! 

Susannah's Traditional Party Trifle

* Line a bowl with sliced Angel Cake
* Scatter hulled strawberries, apples and other fruit over this.
* Crumble meringue nests on top.
* Pour over prepared cold custard.
* Whip cream with vanilla essence, then add more crumbled meringue
* Top with more strawberries and cake sprinkles
* Refrigerate until ready to devour!

Then on Sunday it was Father's Day here in the UK so I spent the day with Simon and the kids- coffee, shopping, walking in the local nature reserve, chicken pie and wine summed up our day... in that order.  Simon thoroughly deserves a spoiling as he does so much for the children and me (especially as he works full time and takes all our stock photographs on demand) and so we enjoyed a lovely day as a family, where Simon could indulge his passion for photography without it being directed at whatever vintage piece Susannah or I have lately acquired.  He got some amazing shots at the local park and I wanted to share one with you because, although his own Etsy shop is currently unstocked, he does have it in mind to start doing something again soon when he has a bit more time, so this gives you a taste of his style when it is not dictated by our stock.


  1. Happy Birthday to Susannah’s son! Boy, this Party Trifle looks so good!! :)

    1. It was believe me!! And if the smile on his face was anything to go by he had a good day!


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