Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Vintage compulsions

I have two strange compulsions when on the hunt for stock for the shop (and indeed when I am shopping for myself), I cannot seem to pass by a box of sewing patterns without riffling through and leaving with at least one, usually armfuls though.  Strange because I have the desire to sew but no ability so all I do is look longingly at all the creations I could make... Susannah is the half of Lesley's Girls with the sewing ability but because it runs in the family (both our mother and our grandmother were accomplished seamstresses) perhaps that is where the love of patterns comes from- who knows!

This 1930s skirt pattern was one of my absolute favourites, it sold quite quickly so I didn't have long to drool over it and wonder what if I could sew...
There is something about the way images on the packet with the promise of what you could create, and the feel and smell of the pattern paper which creates the anticipation of creation.  And that is as far as I get, I have never (or to my recollection never) made a garment with a pattern.  Bunting- I can do.  Super Hero costumes for my kids- I'll get by.  Elegant 1940s shirt dress- not so much...yet at any rate!  Despite this I know I will continue to scavenge through piles and pounce on patterns I like.

My favourite apron in recent months- 1950s-60's floral cotton print apron.
My second compulsion is a more recent development - vintage aprons. I just can't get enough of them.  It all began when we opened the shop and I kept picking them up, and although I have yet to keep one for myself I know it's only a matter of time before I get a drawer devoted to them in my kitchen!  I think it's the memory of  our Grandma cooking summer dinners and an inconceivably huge range of desserts in the kitchen of her country cottage.  She had about 4 or 5 pretty floral aprons lined up on the tea towel rack, and Susannah and I would always choose one to wear if we helped.

Perhaps I could combine the two compulsions and look for vintage apron sewing patterns, just maybe I will make something from a pattern from scratch.  Now there's a thought.  Susannah would be proud!



  1. That's funny because I was just thinking of vintage aprons yesterday and how they are so much prettier than we we find these days.

  2. Vintage Apron Sewing Patterns were the start of my obsession with vintage. I love the apron styles and the artwork on the old pattern envelopes. Thanks for sharing.

    1. How strange you have combined both of my little addictions! I am on the hunt for a nice vintage apron pattern at the moment.


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