Friday, 8 June 2012

We're Expecting....

Well that's not strictly true, just one of us is expecting.... Susannah is due her third baby on 30th September.  They know the sex of the baby but that's staying secret until the big day.  I am so proud of my big sister- Susannah is a brilliant mum of two and I know she will make an equally fantastic mum of three, another addition for my dad's growing collection of grandchildren- that will notch it up to seven along with my brother's two and my two!  This if anything explains our delay on Upcycled!  Although our Spring launch is out of the window now (mainly because it is summer) we hope to launch before Susannah's due date.

So congratulations to Susannah, her husband Andrew and their two kids on the imminent arrival of number three.

Susannah has a blog post coming soon on how she intends on creating her very own vintage look maternity outfit in the style of Audrey Hepburn so keep an eye out next week for that.

(I couldn't persuade Susannah on a bump picture for this post so you have to settle for a childhood picture of her instead... she shall be persuaded to model her maternity creation though!)


  1. Congrats to Susannah on the big news of the 3rd little one to come! :)

  2. Is it true that Sus was drawing up a trial balance at the time?

  3. Thanks!

    Yes Chris! I was very advanced at the tender age of 5! My Dad has a photo of me watching the Money Programme and taking notes at the same time (seriously!)

    I am looking forward to sharing my vintage take on maternity clothes - anything that makes my tent like outfits more bearable has got to be good, then after some mad zumba dancing to get my fitness levels back I can help Janine a bit more!


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