Saturday, 14 July 2012

French Fashion Magazine Part Two- Spring 1952

As promised in the part one of this feature, here are images from the February 1952 French fashion magazine.

Front cover: 24 February 1952
Again, apologies I don't actually speak or read French so I am purely interpreting the images and sharing them with you, as opposed to elaborating on article contents.  It is amazing how much has changed in fashion in the last sixty years, but also how little.  The front cover sports an elegant pair of ladies, one of which carries a designer dog (with its collar matching its owner's gloves and hat) under her arm... although now that dog may be carried in a handbag, and personally speaking these women are far more elegant than their modern counterparts.

And whereas in moden mainstream weeklies you usually get how-to's on majority fashion-related things, in the 1950's every woman was assumed to either aspire to or already have a family and as such the articles on how to create a beautiful pram blanket were an obvious addition.  I absolutely love this pram and the fact the woman pushing it manages to looks so elegant and yet at the same time seems to be struggling to push it in heels based on her stooped posture- something I completely sympathise with!!

These are the sorts of images that most people are interested in, the fashion pictures.  They can provide a mine of information on styles of the period, as well as ideas about details you could include in your own designs... as well as just being a joy to look at.  The huge shawl collar on the blue dress is simple but enables a plain outfit to stand out; as well the oversize black neck bow on the green dress could look absolutely out of place, but somehow looks right on this dress (almost balancing the wide skirts).  And the hats.  I am developing a huge interest in hats since we opened the shop, these sketches of hats show just how simple the styles could be in comparison to the oversized skirts from Christian Dior's "New Look".

On every other page, then as is now, there were adverts (like the one above left), all of these were line drawings in this cheaper weekly, but they still manage to convey the point pretty well!  Also, in this magazine there was a French crossword, and what is so lovely is that it had been half completed so you know it was once enjoyed.

The images of office space are obviously designed to show how you can achieve a work are in any space, be it large or small.  It really does show the simplicity of mid-century style, and again is another source of inspiration, this time for home decor.

I could have shown many more of the women's fashions included in here, but thought instead I would share some of the men's.  They are very Mad Men, the double breasted suits and low side partings are so 1950s... although I think I prefer the 1930s gent myself!

That is the last of my posts on the French fashion magazines, I may or may not put them in the shop, I'm not sure I want to part with them as I am tempted to frame a couple of the pages for our study, but if they do go in the shop, you'll be the first to know (or if you are interested let me know and it may hasten my decision!)


  1. You probably don't know me well enough to know how much I love all things 1950's. Pictures truly worth a thousand words.

    1. They are so pretty aren't they? Makes me want to saunter about the park with matching hat gloves and umbrella... oh and of course matching dog!!


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