Saturday, 7 July 2012

A Jaunt to Devon

Unintentionally on our week's holiday I managed to amass some material for a couple of future blog posts following a visit to a musuem about the history of costume in Totnes, an exhibition of fashion from Regency to 1950s at the atmospheric Killerton house and a brilliant vintage funfair museum.  As I have literally just got back today I am not quite ready for a long post, nor are any of the pictures uploaded I thought I would post some images from our jaunt in Devon from Instagram.

We spent the day at Dingle's Fairground Heritage Centre, partially due to some pretty horrendous weather and we were on the search for something undercover, but also because we were genuinely interested in the museum (and we got to go on some retro rides!). 

Regular blog readers will be aware of my small obsession with Gingerbread Latte's, however this week I only had one (which Isobel spilt) but we visited so many quaint tea rooms all over Devon that I didn't mind sticking to a pot of English breakfast for a change!

Killerton House had to be the best stately home to visit, with a beautiful exhibition of fashion upstairs and the house was set up as it would have been when the family were resident there. 

At one of the museums we went to I spotted this basket of sewing notions from the late 19th and early 20th century.  I couldn't resist taking a picture because it seemed so real and reminded me of the contents of our mum's sewing basket with the monogrammed needle book.

Holidays are the best for eating out, we cooked once in the cottage and spent most nights eating out in country pubs. The Hoops near Clovelly (on the left) was arguably better than Clovelly itself (which charges £13 to enter the village!) and was my favourite pub all week.  And no trip to the South West is complete without a trip to the famous Jamaica Inn.

And a quick lifestyle how-to: how to end a traditional British driving holiday- flat tyre.

This week hopefully things will be back to Lesley's Girls normal.  With another post of our 1950s French fashion magazines to come, as well as some preview pictures of our huge lot of new dresses which arrived last week.

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