Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Bombshell Boutique Makeovers

Last Monday I got my hair done with the Amanda from Bomsbshell Boutique Makeovers at the Seceret Vintage Fair.  She had plenty to say and did such a great job on my hair I thought she deserved a blog post to herself!  

Amanda tamed my wayward mop into a gorgeous 1940s up do to match my dress, which survived the trials of a day with my two small children, a blustery afternoon on the beach and several glasses of wine that evening (that is recommendation enough in my eyes!) She curled the sides of my hair before rolling them into four smaller victory rolls on top of my head, and then gently curled some of the back with tongs.  I have never been able to do the classic victory rolls look mainly because my hair is so long, so it was great to see a way of doing it that actually seems to work and hold.

Amanda is a mum and a blogger on top of her career as a vintage make up and hairstylist.  As a vintage lover herself, who is usually to be seen wearing and demonstrating vintage and retro styles in her fashion and make up, it means her ability to create a classic look is that much more personal and reliable.   What is fabulous is that Bombshell Boutique Makeover's doesn't just offer to give you a makeover ,but she also provides a tutorial service to help you recreate the styles at home, more details can be found here; or if not at home at a party, her increasing selection of YouTube videos also show how you can do vintage looks yourself (usually linked from her blog- Vintage Doris, where Amanda shares inspirational images for different vintage looks).

I got a few tips from Amanda on hair styling (not my forte... if it's up it is usually a giant roll on the side of my head that looks a bit like a croissant from certain angles), and got a couple, with the promise of more and possibly a guest blog post on here in the future.  One tip she gave me which could work for me is rag curling my hair... using baby wipes (we have a never ending supply of them here which is handy) and setting your hair damp, but not wet, over night to get a good hold.  She also showed me a few great ideas for  vintage styles on longer hair- using snoods and working your hair around a headscarf.  As I said hair is not my forte so I find it hard to explain exactly how this one works!  We hope to hear more from Amanda aka Vintage Doris in the future on the blog!  In the meantime we recommend a trip over to her blog and her Facebook page.


  1. The idea of using wet wipes/baby wipes is thoroughly awesome, thank you for passing that along! My hair usually won't take a curl unless I roll it when it's quite wet, but some of those wipes can be pretty damp, so they might do the job. I'll definitely be trying this idea soon (wish me luck! :) ).

    ♥ Jessica

    1. The hilarious thing is I use wet wipes for everything... I was stopped by my sister in law from using them to wipe some guinness that got spilt on my wedding dress though... personally i think it would ahve got it out a treat!!


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