Sunday, 23 September 2012

Iconic Machine

I have noticed a lot of people recently looking for, or simply enjoying, the old school Singer sewing machines so I thought I would share ours.  Lesley's Girls own this delightful machine, which used to belong to our Grandmother, and although we don't use it ourselves it is a treasured item and we shall never part with it.   I am no seamstress so prefer my mother's old, but decidedly more modern, electric Singer machine- although it is still over twenty years old.  And Susannah has a very fancy new machine and has never looked back since.

This Singer dates back to 1957, you can easily date the machine by checking the serial number against this website.    Our Grandmother had this one converted to an electric machine with a black motor added at the back, and she usually used this machine for making curtains and altering trousers- she was certainly more of a knitter.

Our great grandmother was a court dressmaker and she ordered two Singer sewing machines when she was living in India unfortunately on their way out to her the boat sank and those two machines are at the bottom of the Indian Ocean somewhere! We are in the process of putting some family stories together about what she sewed and who for, if we think it will be any interest to others we will share it here.  

I hope you enjoyed seeing this lovely machine, it is one of those items that you simply cannot walk past without taking a closer look. We love to see examples of these so please do feel free to share images of your own vintage machines on our Facebook page.  


  1. Oh, drool! I love sewing machines and there is an ergonomic beauty to the vintage ones that just doesn't exist with the new ones. x

  2. what a timely post, janine!! my mom and i just purchased one at an estate sale on friday...we nearly killed ourselves carrying down a flight of stairs, but it is so worth it! i'll post pics when i's currently living at her house.

  3. forgot to say...i would love to hear your great grandmother's sewing stories...i'm sure you will tell them beautifully :)

    1. Wow- would love to see what your one looks like- please share a picture if you get a chance! And thank you- I am struggling to get some good stories togetehr at the moment as memories of those who would know are fading. x

  4. Swoon...knees going weak...Oh my stars, that is one sublimely lovely vintage machine.

    ♥ Jessica


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