Monday, 15 October 2012

Hanger 39

As you may have gathered by now I am a Colchester girl and so if the chance comes my way of supporting a local Colchester business, especially one with a vintage angle, I simply cannot resist it!  So we visited Hanger 39 last week and had a chat with one of the new owners, Mark who took over the shop some weeks ago.

We were regular visitors of the shop before its latest incarnation and when we found out it had changed hands were thrilled to see that it has not only kept in the spirit of the shop but intends to add to it.  Hanger 39 has always dealt largely in militaria and collectibles, and this hasn't changed but they are now trying to add to this with trying to cater for wider groups of people with shoe repairs on site, military dress hire (the new owners started with SquaddieKit online befroe they took on Hanger 39), an onsite seamstress and the aim of creating a wider appeal to the ladies with the start of a fabulous women's 1940s style collection upstairs.

The one thing we hoped wouldn't changed hasn't- Hanger 39's girls are still present  although one has moved indoors to shelter from the cold, the other still adorns the shop front.  Previously it was packed to the rafters with interesting artefacts  clothing and militaria- again this hasn't changed but they have spread the goods out across two floors allowing for easier accessibility around the shop.

The upstairs is my favourite part (fairly predictably) because it was filled with 1940s and vintage themed bits and pieces-  including a selection of dresses, furs and hats for the ladies, as well as period military uniform hire.  Great for the regular re-enactor and occasional vintage party go-er alike.  The changing room has also moved upstairs- but do not be fooled by the vintage phone beside it, although it may look like a prop.... it's not, as I found out much to my embarrassment when my two year old son picked it up while Mark (the owner) was on the phone (three days later I am still cringing!)

With a plethera of 1940s propaganda posters, and some stunning pin up art to boot, the decor upstairs is what I would like Lesley's Girls store-room-come-office to look like.  The upstairs has also still managed to retain that Aladdin' cave feel the shop always had with something different and interesting to see at every turn.

Hanger 39 are well worth a visit if you come down to Colchester, and they are also hosting this year 1940s revival dance in the Town Hall on 30th November.  Simon and I went last year and it was great but it is set to be bigger and better this year with the sultry sounds of Kitty Collins, dancing, live entertainment and this time a meal too.  And so babysitters willing, we will be heading there again this year- and no doubt will get some pictures to share here too.  There are still tickets going so if you are local then support this brilliant event.  (Click links above to get more info on the event)


  1. Oh how I'm swooning over this fantastic shop! I don't want to veer into broken record territory, but I can't help but envy you fine folks in the UK and the many excellent vintage shops (and people with a passion for mid-century history) you have. I love posts like this that let me visit them vicariously - it's the next best thing to being there in person :)

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Jessica- you would love it! I am so glad you enjoyed the post. x


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