Friday, 12 October 2012

Pin-Up Pins

Vintage hosiery is not what I would normally go searching out when I buy vintage but you can fantastic bargains, and they can make an outfit go from ordinary to stunning.  Not just with vintage but with some quality reproduction tights or modern look ones teamed up with a vintage outfit.

I have a huge fondness for nylons, they just feel look stunning on... although I have noticed you have to be very careful with sizing because they do not have the same stretch as modern lycra ones.  The look of nylons can make a vintage dress that may appear ordinary stand out- almost framing it.  I love seamed stockings, but it can be tricky getting those lines straight (it's the sign of true class having straight lines according to my grandmother anyway!)

You can get some fabulous true vintage nylons which have never been worn (known as deadstock), I haven't the heart to wear true vintage tights or stockings for myself on a regular basis because I know how quickly I ladder and snag them.  Although these can be repaired sympathetically with nylon repair kits.  Keep looking you may spot something- quite often they are being sold in lots (believe me if you find some you like it's worth buying the lot)

Modern reproduction nylons are just as gorgeous and can be very authentically made fully fashioned- so they are knitted flat and then seamed at the back in traditional nylon, or you can get the less authentic ones made of lycra and with hold ups but can still include vintage touches such as faux seams and contrast toe and heel.

But it's not just the mid-century nylons you can look for, you can also get some amazing 1970s and 80s tights with different patterns and colours than you may see today... and even some interesting novelty prints (we recently found a pair of tape measure tights to celebrate the seamstress in you!).  These tights could make a plain block dress really pop, or it can really help unify a pair of shoes with the rest of the outfit and tie it all together.

It is definitely worth spending some time getting hosiery you like and feel comfortable in to complete an outfit- there is nothing worse than spending the wriggling around in ill fitting tights or stockings on the edge of laddering!

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  1. Vintage, or quality vintage appropriate modern, stockings are a beloved must for me. On all but the warmest days (and sometimes even then, as circumstances dictate), if I'm wearing a skirt or dress, you'll very likely find me in a pair of classic Cuban heeled seamed stockings.

    ♥ Jessica


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