Thursday, 25 October 2012

The Belles are Back in Town

We enjoyed another great night out last Friday when the Helle's Belles girls performed another entertaining evening of burlesque, this time they were in the basement club Tribal which added to the proceedings with a speak-easy vintage vibe, highlighted all the more by some spectacular new costumes.

Fanny Darling donned her now infamous vintage turban again, as well a performance to one of my favourite songs- Kate Bush's Wuthering Heights in a show-stopping outfit.


Mademoisselle Emanuelle's performances ranged from a hilarious "carry on doctor" act to her donning a vintage army girl look- the doctor routine was brilliant and I would love to see it again!

Joe Allen, the compere from the last show we blogged, was there again and in just as good form- he certainly adds to the atmosphere and entertainment, and in no small way helps the girls and the audience to enjoy the whole night.  Along with the awesome sounds of DJ Suki their vintage DJ extraordinair! 

Miss Scarlet Lovealot once again wowed the crowds individually and in the joint "carry on doctor" routine with Mademoiselle Emanuelle. You can really see with all the girls how much they they have grown in confidence and style since the last show.

Holly High Heels was in her usual exuberant form, with some stunning outfits and some seriously flexible moves (how anyone can do the splits in adult years is beyond me - so hats off to her!)

Once again the crowd made an effort with some fabulous vintage outfits dancing to some top vintage tunes, ready to enjoy the burlesque on show.

At the end of the show friend of Lesley's Girls (Judy) and I may have ended up on the stage area having a little dance of our own- blame the ridiculously large glasses of wine on offer there!  Great night and we look forward to their next event soon.

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  1. Looks like such a rollicking, fabulous night out! I just adore Holly High Heel's pink locks - so kawaii! :)

    ♥ Jessica

    1. It was amazing... despite feeling slightly "tender" the next day!!! x


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