Sunday, 7 October 2012

The First Dress

As it was a year since we opened the shop we wanted to post on our first item we put to the shop stock- if you're a Facebook follower you may have already seen these.

So part of that fateful night when Susannah and I started chatting about opening a vintage venture together was spurred on by the somewhat disappointing arrival of this dress... I say disappointing because I bought it from eBay thinking it was a size 10 and in fact it was a lot bigger and did not fit me at all.  I could not bring myself to start hacking around with this gorgeous mid-century piece to make it fit me, and it got me thinking about my love of unusual vintage clothing, as well as historical style combined with Susannah's fantastic sewing ability and natural affinity for fashion (as well as our shared love of history) and before we knew it we were scouring the county, auctions and the internet for vintage bargains to revive and pass on to a new life.

And what a dress to start us off, although it was not added to the shop for almost 10 months... we don't really know why we had such reluctance to list it, but I do know I will be sad to see it go because to me it really signalled the start of it all.  You can still find this dress on-line here: but be quick as we have had a lot of enquiries about it since the fair last week.

So our one year anniversary celebrations are almost over but we have two projects connected to it still on.. the launch of our Upcycled shop (tomorrow or Monday at the latest) and our fabulous give-away, you can still enter here and can earn yourself multiple entries!

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  1. What a lovely first piece to begin your thoroughly exciting vintage fashion venture with. I don't blame you for being reluctant to part with it at all - it's usually hard to say goodbye to anything that launched a new and wonderful chapter in your life.

    ♥ Jessica


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