Sunday, 28 October 2012

Wet and Wild

So yesterdays fair- whilst being good fun and worth doing was wet.  And cold. Oh and windy.  But we had a good day with thanks to the fabulous Katie Kennedy who makes this event happen.  Some of my highlights were the little boy who bought a handbag for his Great Grandma (unbelievably sweet), the customer who showed me her handmade rag dolls which she sells, meeting the other lovely vintage sellers who were united in their frustration in the dire weather, and seeing some lovely friends and family stop by despite the truly horrific weather.  Thanks once more to Mel who helped out again (and her mum) - this time providing me cover for my lunch and bringing me some warm socks for my frozen feet!  As well as additional thanks to my forever patient husband Simon of SJR Photography who helped out massively on the day too with photos, shifting things and his creative eye over the layout.

And here are a selection of some of the other fabulous traders at the fair- there was a huge and varied selection of goods one offer and it was all I could do not to spend my money rather than make some money!
What was truly lovely was that Susannah (the other half of Lesley's Girls) came along with her family in tow, even their new baby at just three weeks old.  Although we are constantly on the phone or e-mail to one another, and see each other very often, to get together at the fair was extra special and meant a lot.  Susannah even attempted to get her hands on some of our stock before any of the customers could!

Our next fair is on Saturday 10th of November at Cardinal Bourne Hall, Priory Street, Colchester for the fabulous Junk Jamboree! We are sourcing some new goodies for the inventory as well as looking at some new props to make our stall look extra special and pretty for you lovely vintage shoppers!

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