Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Woman in Black

We were trying to decide what our Halloween viewing would be this evening when my husband  Simon, of SJR Photography posted this particularly eerie picture on his Facebook page.  

It was taken in Tintagel, Cornwall when we went on holiday there five years ago, and I remember being freaked out at the time- but Simon has only managed to make it look even more scary in this picture.  It will allows make me think of The Woman in Black and the churchyard in it- so the problem of tonight's creepy film is solved.  

We have dug out the DVD of the 1980s ITV version of Susan Hill's "The Woman in Black" to completely freak ourselves out this evening, and we only await the wine to be poured before we press play.  We have both read the book and seen the London stage show of this, but somehow watching the DVD in our living room still manages to be truly terrifying - even though we know the ending.  I have never seen the 2012 version of this and to be honest I'm not particularly inclined as this 1989 version is scary enough for me.

If you haven't seen in it, I would suggest taking precautions of not being alone when you watch it.  Enjoy your Halloween hauntings whatever you're doing....


  1. I have never seen this film and now I want to! Oh yes, the wine first, and chocolate! Happy Halloween!

  2. That is a shudder inducingly eerie photo indeed!

    I hope you had a fantastic Halloween night with your spooky film, and that November is off to a wonderful start for you both.

    ♥ Jessica


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