Monday, 12 November 2012

Victory Cookbook: Chocolate Oat Cakes

This is a bit of deviation from our recent blog posts, and we haven't done a vintage recipe post since Susannah's vintage trifle a while back so I thought it was about time for another vintage food blog post.  

For my birthday last year my mother-in-law bought me the Victory Cookbook, a modern book collecting recipes and nutritional tips from wartime and the post-war austerity Britain by Marguerite Patten OBE.  Alongside the recipes and facts there are also some fantastic illustrations and photos, which make it enjoyable as a read in itself without even attempting any of the recipes.   So when my four year old daughter, got home from school and asked if she could do some cooking with me we looked at the assorted cook books and  decided we would have a go at something in it.

As a vintage blog it only seems right to share the recipe with you.... the recipe we choose was Chocolate Oat Cakes, partially because it was one of the easier more ordinary recipes in the book, but mainly due to being the only one we had all the ingredients for! Great fun to make- messy, lots of mixing, rolling and shape cutting, perfect for my little kids... and their big kid helper (me).

Both children loved them, as did my husband- I wasn't quite so keen on them but I'm not deterred from trying another vintage recipe to share on here soon.  If you try it yourself, let us know what you thought.


  1. How thoroughly delicious looking! Thank you for sharing this great yesteryear recipe. Though it certainly wouldn't be in keeping with the WW2 spirit, for a more updated twist, I'd be very temped to drizzle some caramel and perhaps a pink of sea salt over these lovely chocolate oatcakes.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Looks delicious!
    Juste :)


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