Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Rosie Fox Accessories Give-away

Lesley's Girls are thrilled to announce we have teamed up with Rosie Fox Accessories (specialist in vintage styled accessories) to do an extra special give-away!

At our recent jaunt to the 1940's revival dance I wore a gorgeous capette from Rosie Fox Accessories, to which I added a 1940's veil to match in with my outfit, but it is perfect without it and will no doubt make its appearance at other occasions as well due to its versatility.  It is made from a soft velveteen fabric, with a crystal encrusted flower motif at it's centre and I got so many comments about it at the dance.  Most importantly (especially when you are a novice being taught to jive in the middle of a crowded dance floor) the capette itself sits on a hair band- so no matter how many turns about the dance floor I took it stayed right in place. Revisit our 1940s revival dance post to see images of the dance and the hat in action, but I have also put together a few close ups of the piece below.

Vintage Glamour
Rosie Fox is a Brighton born designer who, it seems, was born into her vocation as a jewellery designer because she has been designing, making and thinking about jewellery since her early teens. It adds to the charm of this unique brand, that the designer has a clear passion for what she does and that the range it is not simply 'churned out' but each piece has been thoughtfully designed to create something that people really want and value- an 'affordable luxury'.

I discovered Rosie Fox Accessories in a local boutique to us, and I was instantly drawn to the pieces, as they oozed the vintage glamour she is so keen to put into her pieces, and yet I felt it was something that even in my less vintage style days I could wear without it looking out of place, as it has a classic elegance which lends itself to most looks.  Combine the beauty of the pieces with their quality and the knowledge I am supporting home grown talent and I am truly a happy shopper.

Rosie Fox collections embrace everything 'vintage, glamour and gorgeous', including beautiful florals, vintage inspired jewellery, statement hair accessories and new on trend bags, and it is from this selection we have been offered three pieces for the give-away.

There will be three winners from this give-away and there are three ways to enter. OPEN TO INTERNATIONAL ENTRANTS.  We are running it via the independent give-away hosting service Rafflecopter to ensure fairness, and you can enter below. It is open from now until 1 January 2013- so you can start the New Year in style!  Good luck, and the three winners will be announced on the 3rd January 2013.


  1. Is this international? :3
    I hope so.

    "Sunset Pearl Earrings" is my favorite item from their website, it's too lovely.

  2. Found this via the Essex Vintage FB group- and what a find! Beautiful

  3. Found this via the Essex vintage FB group- and what a find it was! Beautiful x

  4. I love the brooches - so beautiful and versatile :)

  5. http://www.rosiefox.com/shop/product/ruby-crystal-twist-necklace/

    This is one of my favorites! Oh, heaven! Vintage! :D Thrills this little gal's heart, it does!

  6. Each of this pieces is so, so timelessly pretty. After discovering this year that I could wear most brooches if I put a good couple of layers of fabric (clothing) between them and my skin (I'm very allergic to nickel, but pops up in a good deal of costume jewelry, so for years I didn't really even try to wear brooches), I've been on a bit of a perpetual brooch gathering spree (yard sales, online, local shops, etc) and would be pleased as punch to add any one of these elegant beauties to my collection.

    Thank you very much for holding this terrific giveaway,
    ♥ Jessica

  7. Fingers crossed, this would be a lovely Christmas present for myself :)

  8. Fingers crossed, this will make a lovely christmas present...for myself lol x

  9. my fav Golden Phoenix Cuff

  10. Thank you to the lovely Janine for featuring Rosie Fox on her wonderful blog. We were so happy when she asked. Congratulations to all the winners- enjoy! Love Rosie Fox team xx