Wednesday, 19 December 2012

The Graphic

Recently we sold this original edition of the Victorian periodical journal called The Graphic which dated 22nd December 1894- coincidentally this was a Saturday just like it is this year so it seemed right to share this post at this time of year.
Front page news in 1894 was the marriage of a very young and charming Prince Adolphus of Teck  to an incredibly haughty looking Lady Margaret Grosvenor, but given it's an artists likeness there is no way of knowing how accurate the image is of their wedding day.

The Graphic was a weekly illustrated newspaper that was printed from 1869 until 1932, and it was hugely admired in the art world, but it also had regular features such as the topics of the week shown above.  Which would be approximately 12 paragraphs of news rounded up.
I loved the style of writing, it was not, full of formalities as you may expect from a publication in the Victorian era, but was much more engaging with some of the most beautiful descriptive language, and a great deal more entertaining than the modern counterpart.
As an illustrated newspaper obviously the images are so important to the attraction of this publication, what is amazing is that they spent so much time and effort creating images for such things as corn-rings!  The picture of the Boxing Day pantomime is slightly less unexpected though, and I adore the simplicity of it, with its ability to bring the audience's excitement to life in a few simple lines.
As always it is interesting in any old newspaper (no matter if its from the 1980s or the 1880s) to look through the adverts to see what sort of things they were selling and where- it gives you a real feel for the era and what was important to society then.  Another aspect of a newspaper that is interesting is often the obituaries, again it gives you an understanding as to who and what was considered important in the period- in this case it contained the obituary of a prominent Victorian author- Robert Louis Stevenson, which included an engraving of him.  

The Graphic is a widely collected publication so if you come across any in your travels do not discard them but hold on to them, or get in touch with us as we have a couple of contacts on our mailing list interested in these- one of them is aiming to collect enough to get them professionally bound into a book which would make an already fascinating collection even more impressive.

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  1. wow! these illustrations are beautiful! I love the marriage and the dancer. so fascinating! great post :)

    visiting you from the etsy vintage bloggers team! excited to follow!

    happy holidays!


  2. *Swoon...swoon...swoon!* Be still my Victorian adoring heart, this is one marvelously lovely 1890s publication. It must have been such a joy to pour over it person.

    Happiest holiday season wishes, sweet friend!
    ♥ Jessica


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