Wednesday, 30 January 2013

1947 Photograms of the Year

Recently I stumbled upon a stunning selection of art and photographs bound into the "Photograms of the Year Book 1947".  I spent hours flipping through the pages in the last couple of weeks and have enjoyed it so much, I ahve a huge temptation to frame some of the pages individually but given the book is in fairly good condition (baring slight spine damage) I couldn't bring myself to cut it up.
Photograms of the Year was a series that began in 1895, and kept going until 1958 as far as I can see from extensive searches on line and elsewhere.  What instantly drew me to the book was the title- "photograms" instead of photographs, it conjures up images from a simpler and more innocent time... although some of the photographs in the book are less than innocent and best to be described as "artistic".
These sorts of books are a fantastic resource for getting vintage fashion and make up ideas, as many daily vintage wearers will tell you that because they can't get inspiration form the cat walk  or their contemporaries for the style they like old books, magazines, films and photographs must provide the inspiration.

But it's not just images of fashion the book yields but reportage images, of daily life captured in an instant forever. Every photo is the book is black and white, I love the atmosphere monochrome gives and image.  And I don't think it can be a coincidence that nearly all my instagram pictures in the last couple of weeks, since seeing this book, have been set on an black and white filter.
As usual in these types of book, there are a large number of adverts interspersed throughout.  Whereas modern adverts are instinctively irritating, with the pleas to buy things- looking at adverts on a vintage book or magazine loose the irritation factor because the advert is no longer relevant usually.  So you are left with a reminder of a past era, a taste of the sights of the period, what was important to society then, as well if you're lucky some great art work.
I have not shared all the images here in the book, but it gives you a taste of what's included.  If I had the space of inclination I can see myself keeping it and collecting more of the series but our book shelves are stacked full already and the office is bursting with more and more vintage by the day that needs to be found homes for so I gracefully will let it go. If you're interested get in touch, if not it heads to the shop in a couple of days.  

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  1. What a magnificent find - I think that if I held one of these books in my hands, I'd be tempted to start collecting others, too. Just a wee thought...perhaps you could scan some of your favourite pages and frame those?

    ♥ Jessica


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