Thursday, 3 January 2013

A Secret Shared

Here at Lesley's Girls we've been let in on a secret....specifically The Secret Vintage Fair.  If you follow The Secret Vintage Fair or follow us on our Facebook page you may have spotted that I have joined The Secret Vintage Fair team, along with the founder of the fair- Lucy from Lullabelle's Treasures, and Clare from Clare's Vintage Tea Party.  The Secret Vintage Fair is a vintage fair with a difference- the difference being the location is kept a deadly sceret until 72 hours prior to the event taking place- with the finest vintage purveyors in this part of the UK it's well worth joining the mailing list to get in the know...

I'm really excited to be joining the team, and we are already in discussions about our first secret event together on Saturday 30th March 2013.  Having said that Lesley's Girls is still very important to me and will continue with more vintage delights both selling and blogging in the coming year so don't despair Secret Vintage Fair may be getting big but Lesley's Girls is far from disappearing!  However, expect to  hear a little more on The Secret Vintage Fair here- as such I thought it might be nice to give you a very brief introduction you to the lovely ladies I'll be working with and their personal vintage ventures. Please head over to their own facebook pages and websites as they are have some truly stunning items that are worth a look.

Lucy from Lullabelle's Treasure
The Secret Vintage Fair, in all it's glory, began last August with a bang at the Belle Vue Social Club in Colchester. It was borne from the imagination of Lucy. She started her foray into vintage fairs as a stallholder with Lullabelle's Treasure- where she creates art using original vintage adverts and art from the 1940s, 50s and 60s.  Lucy uses these to offer an eclectic array of vintage and upcycled homewares including original framed vintage prints, handmade varnished wooden trays and boxes and all many of interesting gifts.
Lucy's enthusiasm and artistic side comes out in not just her products, but also in the artistic way she displays them at fairs and markets.  I always take a trip past her stall to see if I can get any tips on how to improve my own display!

Clare from Clare's Vintage Tea Party
If you are ever in need of elegant, beautiful and well cared for vintage china or glassware then Clare's Vintage Tea Party is the way to go!  Clare puts together the most delightful collections, and her attention to detail ensures she doesn't pick up just anything, but ensures every piece is hand picked for quality and tasteful vintage beauty.  Just like Lucy, the artistic flair on Clare's stalls is outstanding- surrounded by these two lovely ladies I hope I can take inspiration and get a bit more artistically creative (something I always find quite hard)
It is not just sale of china that Clare's Vintage Tea Party covers, but she also hires the china out for occasions, so you can help that special event, be it wedding or a hen party, go smoothly and drip with the glamour of yesteryear.
The Secret Vintage Fair
Clare, Lucy and I have been meeting regularly since we discussed working together and have come up with some exciting plans for 2013, and the first, as I mentioned, take place on Saturday 30th March 2013.  I can't say much more than it's going to be bigger and better than before.  If you're local to East Anglia, or willing to travel this way and you love vintage then follow The Secret Vintage Fair on Facebook and Twitter to hear all the latest news and plans.

Stay tuned for the next post my amazing vintage Christmas present from my husband, its juts waiting for my next weekend away in London.

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