Sunday, 6 January 2013

Luggage Love

This may surprise you (given the subject of this post) but I hate suitcases.  I think they're bulky and ugly, the handles ALWAYS break and they clutter up tops of wardrobes staring at you, reminders of getting back from holidays and dreading the inevitable and unpleasant ritual of unpacking, laundry and the huge sense of anti-climax at your return.  However, it is in recent years that I have discovered I actually like some suitcases- old ones to be precise.  If they have survived this long they are less likely to suffer those annoying breakages, they have a less throwaway cheap appearance than the plasticy modern equivalents  and a resonant of happy holidays where travel was more demure and less rushed. They also look a huge amount more attractive piled on your wardrobe.

Last year I had two vintage suitcases both of which were my grandparents, and have been a gorgeous addition to stock display at fairs recently, but not something I use or display in my home.  So it was such a treat when Simon bought me this year a beautiful vintage case.  Not a classic vintage suitcase but instead a vanity case, perfect for overnight trips to London.  So in the interests of vintage I obviously had to share it on here with you.  I am no luggage expert, but Simon bought it from MaryLu Vintage at The Minories Art and Design Fair before Christmas who certainly have an eye for good vintage.  
It is a case which is small but perfectly formed.  It keeps my overnight packing within reasonable limits and it is understated in its colour so as not to detract from what you're wearing.  When Simon bought it he said it invoked images of train journeys and tossing a case up on to the luggage rail of what he fondly imagines would be a steam engine, and although it is certainly not that old I do understand what he means by this.  I am keeping my eye out for more in this particular luggage set as we speak.

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  1. That is an elegantly charming case for sure! I adore vintage luggage, but save for one small train case that I found at a yard sale last year (for a steal of a deal) - which I was thrilled as all get out about, having wanted one for years - I don't presently have any. I hope my yard sale luck will continue this year and I end up with some larger pieces of vintage luggage, too.

    ♥ Jessica


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