Sunday, 27 January 2013


Common sense tells you that vintage pieces, will not be in perfect condition as they are usually used and pre-loved (unless dead-stock).  There will be the odd snag, loose threads, discolouration or even a tear leading to an alteration to the original design.  However, does that mean it is not perfect? It depends on your definition of perfect- as it may still be perfect to someone.
At Lesley's Girls we do our best to fix any issues we note on clothing sympathetically; or if an item is beyond repair we have been known to upcycle it (as was the case with the 1960s evening dress we sourced a while back.)  However, sometimes an item is too precious, too unique or simply impractical to upcycle, but the wear and tear is still very obvious- should it be binned or tossed aside sadly as reaching the end of its life? Personally I don't think so, because to the right person it will still be of value.
My personal example of this is my black bolero jacket.  It is late Victorian and is faded, has been re-lined umpteen times from the looks of it, there have been button hole's that have been closed up and then reopened, there are some tears in the current lining, it is threadbare in places and has tiny holes scattered all over it, and even larger holes hiding under the collar.  Technically it is an antique and I suppose I shouldn't wear it as much as I do - but the point is I adore it.  It will always be perfect to me, I have even worn it to smart evening events, dinner dates and family reunions- holes and all.
A vintage piece in perfect condition is a rarity, but should the condition be the most sought after thing after all?  Or should it be how it makes you feel?  Every hole on that coat adds to its character for me and I will most probably wear it until it falls apart and even then it will still retain a fond place in my wardrobe, even if I can no longer wear it. We would love to hear about your own less-than-perfect but perfect to you garments- vintage or otherwise.


  1. Beautifully said and salvaged (and fashioned!). Somehow slight imperfections almost seem to make some vintage pieces more perfect. They can breath a sense of personality and speak to the piece's past life.

    Wishing you a marvelous Monday & week ahead,
    ♥ Jessica

  2. It's such a beautiful jacket that the wear and tear are totally irrelevant

  3. It's such a beautiful jacket that the wear and tear are totally irrelevant

  4. I think it's a beautiful jacket. I am a bit of a tatterdemalion anyway so I certainly don't care about a few holes and threadbare patches here and there, especially not when I get to wear a little bit of history...x


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