Sunday, 20 January 2013

Pretty Nostalgic

Before Christmas we were asked, as subscribers to the publication, to give Pretty Nostalgic links to our blog and social media along with a photo for their "Meet the Subscribers" section. In the post-Christmas rush and the exciting new plans afoot for The Secret Vintage Fair I missed doing a quick post on it when the issue came out.
Pretty Nostalgic is a relatively new bi-monthly publication celebrating all things vintage and British, it is a "handbook for creative, curious and resourceful folk who yearn for a simple, stylish and sustainable lifestyle". every article is packed with beautiful images and written by people who have a real interest and love of the subject.  It is certainly not your much clich├ęd cupcakes and bunting vintage, but gives an insight into the people who are selling, living and breathing vintage. And most wonderfully of all it supports independent sellers and makers, and holds its values higher than its profits.
We featured in a very small way to the publication, in the "meet our subscribers" section- but I'm pleased to have our blog shown there as it gave us the opportunity to say how much we appreciated this magazine and their underpinning values.
So if you have issue 5 head over to page 60 and you'll see us beside the girls from Britain Does Vintage and Shortbread and Ginger. And this is what you can look forward to in their next issue, which looks not to be missed I am sure.


  1. How fabulously exciting! Happiest congrats on appearing in this lovely publication. I've been eyeing it longingly from across the pond ever since the first edition started being buzzed about in blogland.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. love that magazine,it's quite hard to find in the shops though, may need to get a subscription :)


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