Friday, 8 February 2013

Betty's Rock and Rollers

My hair is a permanent trial for me, and I am never able to make it do what it is supposed to which drives me mad.  So when Tea and Sympathy, a local boutique to me, were hosting a vintage hair and make-up tutorial session, I had to go obviously!
The venue was great- some impromtu browsing through the shop selection, champagne on arrival and cocktails in tea-cups throughout; and the workshop lived up to the venue perfectly.  Jenny from Betty's Rock and Roller's ran the session, starting by demonstrating a make over, and taking us step by step through a victory rolls style and some classic vintage styled make up. It was the hair that I was most eager to learn about though, as when it comes to make-up I'm pretty set in my ways with the eyeliner flicks and mascara.
Victory rolls are always one of those things which are almost impossible to explain how to do, whether that be on a blog in writing or on a video.  Over the years I have tried several times to do them to no avail, but with Jenny there I think (with a little more practice) I may have cracked it finally!  So I have nothing but praise for Jenny and Betty's Rock and Rollers. The three tips that she really turned it around for me were, firstly emphasising that aside from giving the hair an initial curl you should back-comb to give the hair more stability in the curl- it sounds obvious but I often back away from back-combing and since doing this it has made a huge difference.  Secondly, use a tiny bit of wax to smooth down the top of the roll, it really does soften the appearance of the roll- mine have always had a tendency to go wild! Finally, for me what has made the difference is that when rolling pull the hair forward, I naturally pull it backwards where you want it to sit, but if you pull it in front of your head a bit it seems to roll correctly.

So although I can't give you an amazing definitive guide on victory rolls or vintage hair & make up (I'm not the gal you're looking for if you need hair and make-up tutorials  I am the one who attends them though!) I can tell you that Betty's Rock and Roller are well worth paying a visit for a tutorial or if you need someone to do your hair for you (I'm pretty sure I'll be asking her down to do my hair before an event I have coming up in March)

Find Betty's Rock and Rollers on Facebook and like them for more information about events they are attending as well as workshops they are running.  

NB- apologies for the lack of photos of actual hairstyles and make-up, as you can imagine ahir pins and cocktails make it terribly difficult to handle a camera!  


  1. I could definitely do with a trip to something like this! I have relly long thick hair and it's very hard to find the right vintage style.

  2. Thank you for sharing those useful victory roll tips! Another odd thing I find with victory rolls is that they tend to work out better when I am not looking into the mirror whilst rolling...which doesn't make sense in some ways. Happy mid-week!
    May x


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