Thursday, 28 February 2013

blitzing it up

Vintage loving Lauren- one of the girls behind the Essex Blitz Party
There has been a huge increase in the number of nostalgic events in our area, and I was recently invited to the Essex Blitz Party and this is one I would have loved to attend but sadly it falls on a weekend we are busy. But I chatted to Lauren Jones, one of the organisers, about the event anyway whilst dreaming of what I would have worn had I been attending! One of the reasons I love the idea of this event so much is that not only is the event themed around an era I love, but the organisers have a clear and long-standing passion for vintage which we are sure will come across at the party. We are also hoping to get guest blog post on here about the event which Lauren is on the hunt for a guest to cover for us.

Who is the team behind the Essex Blitz Party? Tell us a little bit about your background and how long you've been in to vintage? 
The mind behind Essex Blitz Party is my elder sister Carly, it was her idea to bring our creative passions together and put Essex Blitz Party out from the daydream and into the light! Carly has a huge interest in military history, particularly the 1st and 2nd world War and loved the 'blitz spirit' that so many Brits displayed throughout such harrowing times. 

Carly brought me in (I practically pushed my way in) as I have a great passion for vintage fashion with my favourite era running from the 20s to the 60s. I've collected one off vintage pieces since I was a teenager, always searching for something different to the norm. As I've matured I've been opened up to the amazing world of thrift store shopping, boot sales and eBay! I'm getting married this August and our wedding will be 1950s themed! 

What can visitors expect when they come along to your event? 
Attendees to Essex Blitz Parties can expect a great evening, filled with war time atmosphere, fabulous traditional live music and more. We want to create a community that come together a few times a year and really relive the 40s...without the war! We are always looking for new exciting live acts and entertainment traditional to the era in order to make these events as authentic as possible. The key is making people have a good time dressing up in gorgeous outfits and dancing to great vintage music. Travel back in time to Wartime England; although there may be trouble outside, inside experience the delights of the flesh and fantasy that will block out any blitz; Dance the night away with a patriotic evening of live music with period food & bevvies whilst impressing your wingman with accounts of shooting down poor old jerry!   

The Three Belles look fab- tell us more about them and their music. 
The Three Belles are a 1940's inspired vocal trio with musical influences the likes of The Andrews Sisters, Vera Lynn, Doris Day, Judy Garland, The Boswell Sisters, Glenn Miller, The Ross Sisters, Ella Fitzgerald .... and many more. 

The Three Belles met at the University of Portsmouth where they studied Creative and Performing Arts. They created The Three Belles in order to do a 1940s production for a unit called 'Forming a Company'. Their local performances in Hampshire gained them much popularity and their show sold out at The Portsmouth Guildhall. Therefore the girls decided to take it up as a full-time career. They now live together in Hertfordshire and work solely on developing their careers as 1940s style performers and event organisers. 

From their brassy big band sound, to their recreations of the blackouts of the Blitz, The Three Belles want to give their audiences a true feel for the dramatic decade of the 1940s.
As a blitz party the dress code is presumably strictly 1940s, what are you and your fellow organsiers in the Essex Blitz team planning on wearing?! 
Well that is a surprise to a degree! But needless to say our outfits are pretty much 100% planned out. Our family has a history of careers in the medical field... but you'll have to come along and see! William, a member of the Blitz team for the event OPERATION BRAINTREE has his own vintage RAF uniform and we also have another going as a member of the Parachute Regiment. All bought for less than £50 on eBay 

Thanks Lauren for telling us more about your exciting event . The Essex Blitz Party takes place on 4th May 2013 at Rayne Hall in Braintree, Essex. Tickets are £15 which will include entry, traditional War Time fare, war time DJ spinning some old old school jive & swing and music from The Three Belles. 

Lesley's Girls are sure the event will go with a swing, and we hope to get some coverage on here of it from a guest at the event, so watch this space....

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